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The ONxpress vehicle supplier, Alstom, will design and build new e-locomotives that will meet the changing face of public transit through the Metrolinx On-Corridor GO Expansion program. The vehicles will be made from a platform approach that will integrate design-proven sub-systems, solutions and technologies. With specialized development centres across the globe, in all domains necessary for the mastery of the rolling stock applications such as traction motors, traction chains, bogies, car-shells, and train control, the supplier will provide vehicles that can handle the demands of daily travel with the passenger experience to match.

Based on Alstom’s research and development programs and past experience from having manufactured 10, 000+ locomotives for the last 150 years, their significant accumulated know-how in continuously improving the performance and robustness will provide technologically reliable vehicles.

Alstom draws on its technological expertise and innovative capabilities to meet the current and future needs of operators and passengers, through its focus on green and smart mobility.

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Envision yourself as a key contributor in mitigating the carbon footprint of Canada's most heavily utilized public transportation system, while working for a renowned global employer. Alstom takes pride in spearheading the On-Corridor Works initiative, aimed at revolutionizing the overall mobility of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). We currently have numerous employment opportunities available, with hundreds of positions to fill.


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