Quality policy

ONxpress Quality Policy


This ONxpress Quality Policy encompasses all aspects of the GO Rail Expansion – On Corridor Project including but not limited to the Design, Construction, Installation, Testing, Supply, Operation and Maintenance Services, and the Vehicle Supply Services.

This ONxpress Quality Policy is the overall intentions and direction of ONxpress related to quality applicable to ONxpress and all ONxpress Parties involved in performing the Initial Works, the Operations and Maintenance Services, and the Vehicle Supply Services of the GO Rail Expansion – On Corridor Project, which are formally expressed and recorded in the Quality Manual in accordance with the Project Agreement and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.



This ONxpress Quality Policy is applicable to all ONxpress Transportation Partners Inc. project sites, operational locations and offices including ONxpress Parties suppliers, subcontractors and service providers directly involved in the performance of the GO Rail Expansion – On Corridor Project.



  • ONxpress designs, constructs, manufactures, maintains, and operates smarter and greener rail transport solutions for the Greater Toronto Area with aim to deliver safe, efficient and reliable rail solutions to our community.
  • ONxpress seeks to be better than our competition, both operationally and a socially responsible Company.
  • ONxpress is Customer focused; Our project’s goal is to transform the GO Rail transit customer experience for the residents and visitors of Ontario. Metrolinx and all GO Rail Expansion ON-Corridor Project stakeholder’s satisfaction is our success.
  • ONxpress commits to meet legal requirements and Metrolinx requirements to bring value for money.
  • ONxpress commits to operational excellence, applying best industry practices, through a strong, process approach Quality Management System and continuous improvement process and risk-based thinking culture to deliver satisfaction to our customers.
  • ONxpress will build trustworthy and reliable relationship with our customer, and all interested parties in an effort to deliver expected results.



  • One Team – One System: The Quality Management System deployment remains the responsibility of each ONxpress employee who are engaged, working collaboratively, and as a team.
  • Best for Project – Value for Money Principles: ONxpress commitment to deliver the project with the best evidence-based decision for the project and the value for money solutions being incorporated.
  • All Activities are planned and verifiable and with defined objectives: ONxpress will deliver project in a rigorous and structured manner, with a look-ahead approach. Project hurdles will be transparently handled by disciplined approach with fast response and corrective actions.
  • Compliance -Accountability Objectivity – Transparency – Respect – Ethics: ONxpress aims to become customer, suppliers, sub-contractors, and all stakeholders reliable and trustworthy partner.


Guillaume MARBACH
ONxpress Chief Executive Officer

Dated March 14th 2023