Design & Construction

In ONxpress Design and Construction, we’re proudly transforming transit from the ground up.

Our broadly dedicated team will deliver the construction and civil works for ONxpress, incorporating all engineering and design elements, geotechnical and environmental assessments, estimating/procurement, and installation of the project’s physical enhancements.

Comprised of industry specialists from the global sector, our work spans across the GO Network and Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) and includes all central aspects of the railroad brownfield project; from strategic design to utility relocation; from new railroad to bridge construction; and from environmental and local permits to testing and commissioning.

Our ONxpress Design and Construction professionals will be responsible for the modernization and modification of the network in key areas, including countless innovations in the way the regional rail infrastructure is built.

Who we are

Design & Construction Jobs

Our engineers, designers, environmental specialists, & other professionals are building more than just railways. We’re building a modernized system, a sustainable infrastructure, & an accessible city ‒ while championing a more inclusive, empowering work environment for each member of our team.

We’re not simply expanding regional rail; we’re building a legacy & invite you to apply.