The Project

History in the making

The On-Corridor Works Project (OnCorr) is the largest capital infrastructure project in the Province’s historic GO Expansion program. OnCorr work includes all works that facilitate train service, such as track, civil infrastructure, signaling, electrification infrastructure and electric vehicles, as well as the operations and maintenance of the GO Rail network.


The scope of work includes:

Design, construction and integration of the railway corridor (civil infrastructure, tracks, systems, signalling etc.)

Timetable planning and train control for all operators across the GO-owned network

Operation of train services including train crewing

Maintenance and rehabilitation of new railway corridor assets and select existing railway corridor assets

Maintenance, servicing and cleaning of all rolling stock and procurement of new rolling stock

Construction of new maintenance and train storage and/or layover facilities

Reconstruction of Union Station track and platforms

Compliance with ONxpress safety, security and emergency management policies


Employment opportunities

Regional economic benefits

Reduced traffic congestion

Reduced travel time for commuters